21 november 2012


Today not my desk but my big paper mess on the ground! The whole room was full with paper. Finally I've made some space into my bookcase... Uchhhh why do we buy so many papers?? Because we are greedy?? Or is it the love for all those awesome beautiful papers that we can't resist at the craftstore....?
Well I sorted them and now I know what I have...again *shame*.
Pop over to Julia's blog for more creative desks!
Have a great week ;-)
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  1. That looks like heaven to me, not a mess at all. What do you mean why do we buy so many papers? Why do we buy so little! Wish I had more money to buy all I see. LOL
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #5

  2. I love your paper mess! I don't think that we are greedy at all I think that we love all the patterns and colors and we collect them like a bird does sparkly bits because we are attracted to them. Have fun sorting it out. Kinda like Midas in the Counting Cave! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #2

  3. Well done for a;; that tidying ! Great to meet some old friends of papers again isn't it ! Now all you have to do is some projects to use them up ! I think we buy them because they are lovely & make life feel better !! Take care Ali #21

  4. Not only do we buy too many pretty papers but I can't even through the scraps away!! I like your printers tray looks like it is ready for a project??
    Sandra @18

  5. I am starting to think its been 'tidy up' week as a few of us have been doing a little...i love your blog header looks great....love all your paper, have lots of fun going through it all
    jackie 12

  6. Paper is just pretty to look at. Right now I'm trying to behave and use what I own it's tough I had to break down to buy xmas papers but now must try and use it up which I hope I can there is so much lovely new stuff to play with lol
    Good luck going though it all
    Nikki #24

  7. Hope your sorting through was fun...Me, I love to make a big mess while i organize and then enjoy the feeling of relief and pride when it is all resorted!

  8. Oh yes papers - cant live with them, cant live without them! enjoy stroking them. Sunshine Girl - no. 37

  9. Oh that looks lovely, sitting on the floor surrounded by heavenly papers!

  10. I will be doing exactly what you are doing very soon...sat on the floor surrounded by papers as I need to sort them out! I just got a load of new ones and just bunged them into my art cupboard. We always have a lot of papers because you see them in the shops and you think "What if I need that someday!" Happy WOYWW! xxx Laura #51

  11. No, no, not greedy... for inspiration! What a great job sorting... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  12. Ah, great shot Marleen. We buy them because we love them and want them to have a home!! A good sort out is very very useful and makes you feel great, so no shame..just promise yourself you'll use them all!

  13. Oh that photo made me smile - my floor is pretty similar and soon I won't be able to get from the door to my laptop! Well done on getting sorted. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@23)

  14. Wat een leuke foto!
    Ja zoveel papier en net die ene
    die hebben we dan net niet...
    Zo herkenbaar!
    groetjes Jellina #80

  15. well, we all have to tidy up, says me, the biggest messer! The first thing I saw were your boots and thought...yep...I do that, socks boots have been on WOYWW...but then I scroll up and you were connected to them...haven't done that yet! Happy Crafting! HaPpY WoyWw!?!

  16. Love all the papers you have! Have fun sorting! Nan 93

  17. gosh you do have a lot lol, but we never have enough, happy woyww

    Judie xx

  18. It's the same around the globe! I find it hard to cut into my newest and favourite paper until the next one comes along! Hugs, Sandi #105

  19. Oh it looks familiar, just did that a while back. It's an addition..I had the same thing with fabric when I did a lot of sewing. The scraps are what don't get used up at my desk, so I've tried to go there first. Hope you can get up that floor. Enjoy WOYWW and have a great week

  20. Hahaha, zelfs op de vloer een creatieve bende:-) Heerlijk en zo herkenbaar. Maar je voorraad moet op peil zijn en vooral voldoende.... stel dat je op zondagmiddag om 5 uur net dat ene papiertje zoekt, alle winkels dicht en je moet gewoon iets maken dan is het toch een verademing dat je een voorraad hebt waar nou net dat ene papiertje of wat dan ook in te vinden is?!!

  21. Oh, yes, I need to do this, too! I think the paper addiction is definitely the draw to all those gorgeous patterns and colors, with a little bit of greed mixed in!

    #122ish this week

  22. Now that's impressive. I would feel right at home in that mess. You can never have too many papers.
    Have a great week.
    Von #44

  23. One of my favourite things is paper, and getting it all over the floor - great picture! x

  24. Great photo - I wanted to join you surrounded by lovely paper. It's not greed at all ... it's appreciation for pretty paper that compels us to acquire as much as possible. Hope you had a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #112

  25. Sat on the floor surrounded by crafty papers sound like heaven, you look as if you are enjoying yourself
    janet #31

  26. Geweldige foto! Wat herkenbaar... :-)))


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