29 februari 2012


Okay I know..... complete chaos !!! I'm so busy with 2 different projects. First the workshop I'm designing for the Craftorij and second I'm playing with the new Tenseconds VerDay paints . I fell in love with these paints... It gives an awesome rusty effect and the possibilities are endless. The project on my desk is not finished and has to be secret for awhile ... sorry ;-)

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Have a great day!!

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26 februari 2012

Do you adore poppies??

I just ♥ poppies!! When I was a child I always love to see poppies near the road. Now at the age of 46.... still in love with poppies.When we are in France they are always near the grapes. That bright red color is stunning! Now there are some awesome Unity stamps from Donna Downey. These are a 'must have'!!! Please let me know your memories about poppies! Do you love them as much as I do??

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22 februari 2012


On my workdesk this week a tag. last weekend I had a meeting with some girls and we've made some tags. So @ home I made some more! This one I like very much. Lovely colors and stamps! Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday!! And if you want to see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog!

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20 februari 2012

Creative weekend

I had a creative weekend!! Saturday I went to my girlfriend Jolande and we did a lot of stamping. What a fun I had!! First i've made this page, I love all the colors. Jolande said 'I feel spring'!! These pages are not finished yet. The Donna Downey stamps are gorgeous!! Sunday we went to Scrapdelight and had a meeting with some srcapfriends from the Internet. Jolande did a workshop Stamping/distressink. Awesome lunch @ Scrapdelight!! Jolande :))) The girls !! The tags we've made! I had a great weekend :)

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17 februari 2012


Spraying, spraying, spraying what a colorfull mess, love it! One of the pages is finished! I've a creative weekend, I hope I can make many more!!

Have a nice weekend ;-)

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15 februari 2012


This week stencils!! I'm going to make some backgrounds this evening. Using some bright colors, mediums, panpastel?.... hmmmm don't know yet. Now hurry!!! Have to work!!

If you want to see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog! Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!!

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14 februari 2012

My class last Saturday

A little photo impression from my class last Saturday @ de Craftorij! Creating dirty hands was my mission *lol*. Thanks Margo for this nice pic...... uchuh ;-)
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10 februari 2012


Still busy with my AJ!! I've used molding paste, chalk, Panpastel, acrylic inks and gesso of course. Next I'm going to design a new workshop for the Craftorij with all kind of metal (owww I like that!!! *lol*). I'm going to use TENseconds studio metal, many more other metals and material you won't expect .... This workshop is going to be different! I hope I can show you soon... ;-)

Have a great weekend!!

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8 februari 2012


Today not my desk in my craft room but my diner table. It's to cold in my craft room, this freezing weather is killing my creative flow :( I hope spring is coming soon!! I'm busy with a new page. My writing is in progress, (I have to practise a lot) I'm not glad with it. Also something is missing, I have to figure out what??!! Any suggestions?
*Click the image to enlarge*

f you want to see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog! Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!!

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6 februari 2012


Love to paint!! ♥ This is de AJ page from the previous WOYWW post. I didn't like the flowers so they are at the background now *lol*.

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1 februari 2012


Yeahhhh It's the birthday of my sweet dog Lica!!!! Time goes fast, 7 years old!! Still busy with painting in my AJ. I'm not very pleased with this one.... I think my gesso have to help me out. Painting with the Stains works great but I don't like these flowers. But it all have to wait because my back is hurting me a lot.... so not a creative week this week.

If you want to see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog!

Happy WOYWW ;-)

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