30 augustus 2012

Workshop 9 & 10 november

Ik geef weer 2 heerlijke workshops bij de Craftorij! 10 November was binnen een mum van tijd vol en daarom een extra dag: Vrijdag 9 november. Ook voor 9 november zijn alweer aanmeldingen dus als je zin en tijd hebt, wacht dan niet te lang en reserveer snel!!
Zie ik je dan ?!!
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27 augustus 2012

Domestic Goddess, 7 Dots Studio.

I've been messy with the new collection from 7 Dots Studio, Domestic Goddess.
Ik ben lekker aan het kliederen geweest met de nieuwe collectie van 7 Dots Studio, Domestic Goddess.
Also I carved stamps fitting this collection.
Ook heb ik stempels gecarved die precies bij deze collectie.

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22 augustus 2012


OMG again (same old story) ONE BIG MESS!! Little table, always a mess... can't help it :( Busy with a book bind project, but the book doesn't want what I want... Need a book bind tut!! Does anybody have a link??
If you want to see more awesome creative desks, go to Julia's blog!

Have a great creative week ;-)
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21 augustus 2012

Inspired girl

 Inspired by Miranda (watch her blog!!) I started drawing. I really love to do it, it's so relaxing!
 But of course I also had to paint. I've used different colors with medium and after painting the hair I heated it so the hair came alive... a bit.
 At the Craftorij has arrived the Donna Downey stencils so I had to use them.
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14 augustus 2012

8 augustus 2012


On my desk is still my AJ page that I've made last Sunday evening. Less inspiration the last few weeks. Watching the Olympics, enjoying the weather and enjoying the real life.
So my desk is also still messy as usual *lol*.
If you want to see more desks, go to Julia's blog!

Have a great week ;-)
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