31 januari 2011

Lica is terribly sick.....

*cry* my dog is terribly sick, liver disease or worse.... ;( Tomorrow she get an echo.... please keep your fingers crossed for her.... Tomorrow is her 6th birthday, so we hope we get good news.......
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Stamping with Studio490

Stamping with Wendy Vecchi stamps, I love it!! A little tenseconds metal...
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Painting a canvas

What do you think about my new blog layout???? I ♥ Steampunk!!! I think it's pretty cool huh!!?? Saturday in the afternoon I was painting the canvas with gesso and ink... Saterday evening I've painted with acryl and colorwash... And the hearts.... ....the frames... Sunday... I put a little colorwash stream on the frame and sprayed with water....

To be continued... ;-)

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30 januari 2011

Vintage Tim Holtz mini album with felt

The cover and flowers are felted and I've made a mini album with it. For the album I've used a lot of Tim Holtz embelishments, dies, stamps, paper, tissue tape etc etc.... The butterfly is made with Tenseconds metal. thanks for visiting!

28 januari 2011

Scrapbookmagazine 34

The next Scrapbookmagazine is coming this weekend !! With a lot of ♥LOVE♥!! I've made a mini album with Canvascorp for the magazine.

26 januari 2011

WOYWD this wednesday?

This wednesdag on my desk: My new meltingpot!! and stamps that I've used for my workshop, and and and... to much!! :))) Read more about WOYWD on Julia's blog!

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23 januari 2011

My class @ Paper &Pictures

Bedankt meiden die op de workshop waren bij P&P!! Ik heb jullie hard laten werken maar ik heb het reuze naar m'n zin gehad!!

I want to thank all the ladies from my class @ P&P. They had to work hard but it was fun!

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20 januari 2011

Believe in yourself

This is also a difficult project to photograph. A lot of bling and reflecting of flashlight. Hope you like it because in real live it's much much more beautiful !! Inspired by Linda (UK) and Linda (AUS) thanks for visiting!

Felted silk scarf

Difficult to make a good photo, but this is the final result. I'm satisfied!! thanks for visiting!

19 januari 2011

Making a felted scarf...

This was the scarf , dry, on the kitchen floor. I don't have a table over 3 meters long.... This is before felting and before making wet. But the final result is very different! At this moment he's still wet. I will show the scarf tomorrow ;-) thanks for visiting!

17 januari 2011

Anneke said....

"It's not too bad, you have some space left !!" But Anneke this is my dining table!!!..... You don't want to see my scraproom !!! :))))) Hhahaha I think this is sooooooooo funny! I forgot to mention that *LOL* thanks for visiting!

Complete mess.

This is what happens when I'm creating..... total chaos *LOL* thanks for visiting!

16 januari 2011

The Erosion Bundle Project

I've read about this project on Corrine's blog and I thought that is exciting project. So I ran around the house searching for materials to put in my bundle. It is my first time so I'm a little bit careful and unsure what to put in. This is what I collect around the house:
  • Music paper
  • old white T-shirt
  • thin cotton blouse
  • old papers from a French book
  • Hahhaha Tilda papers and fabric
  • Tissue paper
  • ribbons
  • old metal jeans buttons
  • and I put dirty leaves from the garden in between
I wrapped it into a burlap sack and put it between some pine cones in the firebasket(don't know if this is the right word for it?). Can't wait..... I hope it's starting to rain soon!! :))) *LOL* Don't know what to do with it in april??? It depents wat is coming out of the bundle!

Read more about the project at the Erosion Bundle Project Blog !!

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15 januari 2011

Messy with Ice Resin

Difficult to explain what I did, but almost everything is treated with Ice Resin. it is my first experiment so not all of it is perfect. I used different kind of materials to see what the I.R. does with it. Also the woolfelt is treated with I.R. and I love the final result !! :)
*********Click the photos to enlarge**********
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