18 mei 2015

Treasure box.

This time I did a complete different project, for ME different.
I challenged myself to do something without Art Anthology products... and guess what? I FAILED!! LOL.
I'm to much in love with these paints/mediums/spray-inks !
The Stone effects I used, my favorite Bone.
I wanted to use the resins from Sandra Evertson, they are amazing, but could not get them in my local store... So tried with clay and molds to make something similar. I think it turned out very well.
No tutorial this time but I hope the box inspires you!

 Have a great day ;)

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16 mei 2015


Again a new project for Art Anthology.
Yesterday I showed you in a video tutorial the Time Flies Canvas and now a Photo-frame with different technique but a bit the same looks.

Check out How to Create This Photo-Frame. by Art Anthology on Snapguide.

I made some detail pics.


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15 mei 2015

Time flies , spend it wisely.

 Hi Art Anthology fans!

I was inspired by the fact that time goes fast... sometimes it worries me.
The last few months I realized that I have to enjoy every minute, before you know... pfff I don´t want to think about that. But since my dog died I´m very aware of the fact that time flies and I have to spend it wisely!
I made a canvas that shows a "time-hurricane".

It is very difficult to make a good photo (because of the shimmers and the metal effects) but the video and detail pictures shows the metal looks perfect!

Detail pics:

Art Anthology Materials:
  • Velvet - Fiji
  • Velvet - Mayan Gold
  • Velvet - Tuxedo
  • Velvet - Basil
  • Velvet - Terracotta
  • Colorations - Raider
  • Colorations - Waimea Bay
  • Fairy Dust - Gilded Gold
  • Metal Effects - Copper
  • Stucco
  • Gesso
I hope you are inspired!
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12 mei 2015

Felting workshop with Andrea Graham.

 The 7th and 8th of May I had a felting workshop at Atelier Fiberfusing from Andrea Graham.

I had a great time, we made a hat and a scarf. I loved the whole process and learned a lot!
I really enjoyed the fact that Marjolijn Stass was there also and we were very pleased how everything turned out so well.
These are mine...

And this really nice pink set is from Marjolijn.

After 2 days of hard work I'm relaxed till the max!
Thanks Dorie for making this workshop possible ;)

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