28 november 2012

WOYWW 182 & more!!

New week , not a new desk, it's my diner table! Last weekend I did a workshop with Panpastel, I love it!
We've made many tags with all different techniques.
So I could not wait and had to make this canvas!

I have to make blogposts more often *shame*. I've made many more things...felted a bag, made earings ect ect... no photos now... but ....
...at the crop evening at The Craftorij I've made an art journal page!

I also has forgotten to show you some pics with Kate Crane... shame again...
Kate with the Design Team from the Craftorij.
Me and Kate.

If you want to see more awesome creative desks, go to Julia's blog!
Have a great creative Wednesday!!

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21 november 2012


Today not my desk but my big paper mess on the ground! The whole room was full with paper. Finally I've made some space into my bookcase... Uchhhh why do we buy so many papers?? Because we are greedy?? Or is it the love for all those awesome beautiful papers that we can't resist at the craftstore....?
Well I sorted them and now I know what I have...again *shame*.
Pop over to Julia's blog for more creative desks!
Have a great week ;-)
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14 november 2012


Long time no WOYWW... my MOJO was gone. Too much was going on with my family. Now my inspiration is coming again. So last week I was painting!! Yeahhh, me happy *lol*. I love my Golden paints. So on my desk a mess from all kind of projects and none is finished.... Also my painting isn't finished but I love it already!!
Wish all my WOYWW friends a very creative week!!
If you want to see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog.

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11 november 2012

Workshop VerDay book.

What a great weekend I had!!! Two days full classes and the girls worked hard!
ThanXXX sweeties for all your lovely comments ;-) 
Voor de mensen die mee hebben gedaan, hierbij nog de foto's van het boekje. Ik weet het is net niet helemaal afgekomen, als je nog vragen hebt mag je me altijd e-mailen, suc6!
ThanXXX Jenni voor het nemen van de foto's ;-)
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