30 april 2011


I was walking on the marked @ Queensday, I've found 2 clocks...... and I've stripped them.... What a great embellishments!!! ☺

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29 april 2011

Vintage Giveaway

Sweet blog friend Corrine had a Giveaway and I'm 1 of the winners! It meens a lot to me because she's doing her thing, I do my thing and we always give each other sweet comments. She's sent me old book pages, labels, tags and a gorgeous silk yarn. Thanks Corrine XOXO.... my brain is working right now.... my creative flow will go!! ;-) Have a nice weekend!!

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27 april 2011


Wowww whats on my desk this Wednesday.... again a complete mess. I did finish my metal project and everything is still there *lol*. I have to clean up.... maybe today..... maybe ☺ To see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog!!

Happy and creative Wednesday!!

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25 april 2011

The final result of the Ten Seconds Studio class.

This is the result of the Ten Seconds Studio class with Cheryl. It is a mix between the Friday class and the masterclass on Monday. Hope you all like it !!??
* Click the image to enlarge *
Again a funny photo *LOL*. ThanX Margo for sending me the photo!!

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18 april 2011

The Art Specially Stamp event with Cheryl

This weekend was the Art Specially Stamp event in Zeist(Holland). Cheryl from Tenseconds Studio did 2 classes on Friday @ the Craftorij and she did demo's @ the event. We had a great event and we had lots of fun with Cheryl. She's so sweet and funny!! She went with the girls from the Craftorij to Volendam.... *LOL* !! Today we had a private class from Cheryl!! A gorilla class!!! we were passing through our metal after every task. Also Cheryl was playing with metal en Viva-decor! Thanks girls, Lia and Cheryl for the creative times together!! Jolande thanXXX girl!

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13 april 2011

WOYWW & Workshops

WOYWW: today nothing at all !! I've a different kind of desk this week, my pc. I've been felting the whole week... so my desk is exactly like last week, a felted book cover on it! The rest of the time I was behind my pc doing some blog work. At the left side of my blog I've added 2 classes @ the Craftorij. The configurations tray 'my way' will be the 4th of June! The Shadow box will be the 1st of October. I love this box!! I've used the Graphic45 Steampunk collection and a lot of Viva-decor products. There are a limited number of entries so book soon!!

I look forward to this Friday, Cheryl from Tenseconds studio will be at the Craftorij! That will be a lot of fun!!

To see more creative desks, pop over to Julia's blog

Have a happy Wednesday!!

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12 april 2011

6 april 2011

Birthday Jolande & WOYWW

Today it's Jolande's birthday!!! CONGRATS GIRL !! Jolande has visit me last sunday and I had bought(and made) a present. This piece of art is from my flowershop and I've felted the flower and dreadlock myself. The girls from the shop has added 2 extra pins, so Jolande had to felt her own 2 flowers!!! So I gave her a little class felting. We started felting her 2 flowers and had a lot of fun!! *LOL* After that we've felted a book-cover for a mini album. The final results from a day with a lot of fun!! ThanXXX girl!!! The curly wool I've painted myself with Color Wash(butterscotch) from Ranger. The instructions you'll find HERE. So this is on my desk this Wednesday..... have to think about what kind of mini album I should make...??? I don't know yet.... Time will tell... Do you want to see more creative desks?? Pop over to Julia's blog!!!

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1 april 2011

Painting wool with Ranger colorwash

I've washed the wool with soap to remove the grease from the wool (*LOL* and some shit) Put the wool in a pan. Ad some colorwash and a bit water. I've used Sailboat Bleu and Purple Twilight. Put the pan on the stove and almost let it boil for 1 hour. Pour off the inky water and pat dry with paper towels. Put the wool into the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes on 500 watt. Don't know if this was necessary but after that I put some vinegar on it. Now the water stays clear!!! You can see the color is permanent now. Keep in mind the color will be different after the process .... purple and sailboat blue becomes turquoise blue!! My second painting is with Eggplant and the color becomes jeans blue!! Next week I'm going to felt a bag again.... I hope the color stays when I use soap during the felting process...

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