29 maart 2012

Jeans-blue Jewelry

The whole set is finished. Love the bleu collors although the flashlight from my camera did change it a little. Hope you all like it.... I do *lol* ;-)

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28 maart 2012


Today on my desk some jewelry. I'm creating a jeans-blue set, with embossing powders, alcohol inks, mini glass-beats and a lot of Fintaj stuff. Love making some new thing but it always takes a lot of time. I's not finished yet, I will show it when the complete set is ready.

Pop over to Julia's blog if you want to see more creative inspiring desks!!

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24 maart 2012

21 maart 2012


Hello WOYWW friends!! and others of course :).

Not so excited news as last week but I've got a new AJ so I had to paint. I think there are almost 10 layers so I didn't know what to do... just try and see what the paper can handle.... well, the paper in this album is fantastic!!

If you want to see more creative inspiring desks, pop over to Julia's blog!

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14 maart 2012

TEN seconds studio VerDay Design Team, WOOHOO!!!!

I'm soooo trilled!!! I've been picket for the TEN seconds studio VerDay Design Team for the month May!!! This is a big honor for me and I hope to inspire everyone with some great ideas to be creative with the TEN seconds studio VerDay paints and metal! Follow the TEN seconds studio blog, the Disign Team starts in April! ThanXXX Cheryl & Megan for this awesome opportunity!! Wowwww no words anymore, only this... :)))))))))))))) This is one of my first experiments with the Iron VerDay paint.

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This was my last week hidden project!!! Now on my desk one big secret mess.... WATCH MY BLOG 8:00 AM CET !!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! WOOHOOOO!!

And if you want to see more creative inspiring desks, pop over to Julia's blog!

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11 maart 2012

New Workshop @ de Craftorij

The 28th of April I will teach a new workshop at De Craftorij. We will work with all kind of materials but mostly METAL and create the cover from a Heavy Metal Art Journal. We use TENSeconds studio metal, Viva-decor Ferro, Glimmermist and different other metal things. The workshop isn't online yet but.... almost full. Just 3 spots left!!! So if you will participate, you quickly have to mail de Craftorij!

I hope to see you at de Craftorij :-)

Edit: Sorry Meriam!!!.... Forgot to tell!! We are using some awesome Urbex photos from Meriam Jansen, watch her photos and Artwork HERE .

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7 maart 2012

WOYWW 144 & Sneak Peak

A little Sneak Peak from my workshop @ de Craftorij the 28th of April. Not online yet but if you are interested send a mail to de Craftorij!! People are already booking, there are only 5 spots available. OMG my craftsheet is one big dirty mess!! Last week project*lol*. I didn't clean it...*shame* My last week project is finished but can't show it yet. Now on my desk some awesome stamps from Dyan. Have to do something soon!!

If you want to see more creative inspiring desks, pop over to Julia's blog!

Have a great Wednesday ;-)

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