6 juni 2016

Vacation in France.

We had an early vacation this year! Yayyy I needed these off days to relax and give my body some time for sleeping and doing only nice things!
Luckily it wasn't that warm (around 20 C) so because of that we didn't sat down by the pool the whole day, but we went to all kind of villages, markets and flea markets(brocante).
Almost every day we went to the river with the dogs. They had a real dogs life. :)

I made during my vacation collages for Instagram(I can use some more followers!) and I will show them here to get an impression of my vacation in the Provence.

 The boys had a great time in the river

We went to markets
 We enjoyed the brocante and antique

 I made art journal pages with StencilGirl stencils!
This is Crest. 

If you want to see some amazing photos from my dogs, watch HERE!

Now back home and enjoy normal life again!

Have a great week ;)

thanks for visiting!

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