15 mei 2015

Time flies , spend it wisely.

 Hi Art Anthology fans!

I was inspired by the fact that time goes fast... sometimes it worries me.
The last few months I realized that I have to enjoy every minute, before you know... pfff I don´t want to think about that. But since my dog died I´m very aware of the fact that time flies and I have to spend it wisely!
I made a canvas that shows a "time-hurricane".

It is very difficult to make a good photo (because of the shimmers and the metal effects) but the video and detail pictures shows the metal looks perfect!

Detail pics:

Art Anthology Materials:
  • Velvet - Fiji
  • Velvet - Mayan Gold
  • Velvet - Tuxedo
  • Velvet - Basil
  • Velvet - Terracotta
  • Colorations - Raider
  • Colorations - Waimea Bay
  • Fairy Dust - Gilded Gold
  • Metal Effects - Copper
  • Stucco
  • Gesso
I hope you are inspired!
thanks for visiting!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig Marleen! Wat een mooie texturen zijn erin verwerkt...en prachtige producten zeg!

  2. Wauw wat een prachtstuk en duidelijke video!! Wat voor kwasten gebruik jij?


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Thanks for visiting!!

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