12 maart 2015

Blogging & Felting.

I was checking the links on my blog and discovered that so many people stopped blogging.... I think it's a pitty. I guess that people only do Facebook now?? Well I do Facebook also but when I want to see something for a second time, I'm searching like crazy. So I will still blogging my creations, I hope more people will do that.
I started felting again!! Spring is coming and it is fun felting in the garden again!
In my house I have no space for felting so I'm happy it's getting warmer. I smell spring!!
Last weekend I made a scarf and now i want to make some stitches on it.

This make me think about the fact I forgotten to blog my scarfs that I've made in 2014.
I will post them from now on. Last year I started a Facebook page about my scarfs you can follow it HERE and see what I made last year.

Last year also Lica passed away. She died too young.... we were and still are very sad. But live goes on and MacL came in our live. He is growing fast!!
MacL and Myro are soooo cute together, I love seeing them running on the field and into the water.

Enough for now ;)
Have a creative day!!
thanks for visiting!

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Leuk dat je bent langs geweest!!
Thanks for visiting!!

Groetjes, bye bye

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