10 april 2014

Art Anthology Wall Cabinet.

Where does it come from? Every time new inspiration, isn't it strange? 
But I think when you love to create and can work with these awesome colorful beautiful paints and sprays.... it just comes!
This time I made a live video altering this cabinet.
I know it is a long video... but big project, many things to do so long video with techniques.

Art Anthology:

Sorbet – Dimensional Paint Baby Blue eyes
Sorbet – Dimensional Paint Viridian 
Sorbet – Dimensional Paint Honolulu Blue

Colorations – color spray Heart
Colorations – color spray Patience
Colorations – color spray Waimea Bay

Colorations – color spray Peacock
Colorations – color spray Studio Blue
Colorations – color spray Denim Blue
Velvet – Dimensional Paint with Matte Finish Cotton Candy

Velvet – Dimensional Paint with Matte Finish Wineberry
Velvet – Dimensional Paint with Matte Finish Persimmon 

Old book papers
White and red flowers
Metal hearts

For the Dutchies: Het kastje kun je bij de Action kopen ;)

Have a creative day ;)
thanks for visiting!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Aaaaahhh, gaaf. Ga er nog eens uitgebreid voor zitten, heb de eerste min. van je video bekeken.... ga zo voor de rest. Zo leuk om je zo bezig te zien en te horen :-)

  2. Petje af Marleen. Super goeie en duidelijke video en wat een resultaat!!!


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