6 februari 2013


This week on my desk , beads! At the CHA I had a workshop from Juliana Hudgins. First I thought this is not my kind of hobby, but I love it, it is so relaxing. So I started my second bracelet with my home-made turquoise beads.
This bracelet did I make at the CHA class.
If you want to see more awesome creative desks, go to Julia's blog!
Have a great creative week!!
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  1. Hello Marleen,
    Thanks for leaving a lovely comment. Somewhere in my studio I have an old bead loom that I enjoyed using years ago. Your work is very pretty...not my choice these days either but we can enjoy it. CHA sounds pretty remarkable, much bigger than anything we have here but then we have a tenth of the population!!
    Smiles for the week,
    Ros. #6

  2. Hi Marleen,
    Those beads are a fabulous colour. I never thought I'd like zentangles but that's what creating is all about...it takes us on a journey and sometimes the destination is surprising!
    Have fun and enjoy WOYWW ~ thanks for popping over to my place earlier
    Neesie ♥ #7

  3. Lovely beads & bracelet. Enjoy your new hobby. jill #16

  4. wow those are pretty beads, wish I could go to CHA
    Bridget #2

  5. WOW!!!!! Simply stunning bracelet!!! That is simply amazing and I love, love, love it! BRAVO!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #4

  6. Very nice Marleen I love both the bracelets! Did you get to see Cheryl and Meagan at CHA? I wish I could have gone. Have a great week! Vickie #33

  7. Love your bracelet, it is beautiful and those turquoise beads are stunning.
    Ann B

  8. How fantastic is that bracelet? Now to wear a dress that is just as fantastic! :^) patsy

  9. Happy WOYWW. I love my beads, I just don't get time to use them as I should. Thanks for sharing your desk.

    Jackie #45

  10. Super jewelry you are making there, amazing! Thanks for popping by my desk - Happy WOYWW BJ #9

  11. Oooh dat gaat weer een gave armband worden. Prachtige kleuren en zo knap je zelf gemaakte kralen!

  12. I'm pretty sure that making your own beads and then making your own jewellery must be incredibly satisfying and add to the pleasure of the making..glad you've found a new part to your hobby.

  13. i love the buttons and the scrummy blue beads - just gorgeous!
    and thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment :)
    happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 5

  14. wow Marlene I love both your bracelets and you say you made the turquiose beads? They are fantastic! what did you use...?I would love to see a tutorial...i one made beads with porcelain...Have a great week.Zeffy #78

  15. Fabulous bracelet and your previous post on making beads in amazing.
    Sandra @81

  16. Hay Marleen

    Wat een prachtig armsieraad! Schitterend.
    Ik hou heel erg van deze kleurcombinatie.

    Groetjes van Anna

  17. These are amazing and the colour is just stunning you are so talented.
    Happy WOYWW #192
    Ria #75

  18. Love the colour of the turquoise. These are lovely pieces, you clearly got a lot out of the classes- it is surprising how we can take to something that at first we don't think is our 'thing' isn't it?Have a great week, Hugs,xx Shaz #75

  19. Wow a truly lovely bracelet, I could just steal it!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Barbara #97
    Don't miss my collage GIVEAWAY.

  20. absolutely beautiful bracelet!!! you must be having a wonderful time there.

  21. I absolutely positively LOVE the bracelets. You need to sell these.

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Have a great day.
    Lori #110

  22. wow these bracelets are awesome, as Lori said you should sell them. Love your desk this week.

    Eliza 13
    Happy WOYWW

  23. How great to find yet another branch of crafting to enjoy and relax with. Thank you for your visit. Have a great week. xx Maggie #20

  24. I love playing with beads, and use them on my wall hangings ( glued ) and I do sew them onto my cards too...but not so relaxing for me as the little buggers seem to have a life of their own and scatter around my desk no matter how I try to contain them! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  25. Love the way you have incorporated buttons into the beading
    Jackie 11

  26. Hi there, just a quick visit to see what you are up to. Unfortunately, the EM is unwell and needs looking after so time is limited today. Love your bracelet and how you've incorporated your beads - fabulous! Hope your WOYWW has been happy. Elizabeth x #55

  27. Oh wow, love the turquoise beads and the bracelet is stunning! I'm not sure that would be relaxing where I was concerned... but I am glad it is for you! Annette 18

  28. oh I am in awe of your amazing work!!! wow!!! gorgeous!!!!

  29. Super super mooie armband Marleen.
    Groetjes Janny

  30. Stunning work and hand made beads too! Brilliant. Your CHA finished bracelet is stunning too! Have a fab week xx #125

  31. The beads and the bracelet are drool-worthy. They are just gorgeous! I've made paper beads, but that's about it...very cool. Thanks for stopping by my desk.

  32. Wow... this is such a stunning work! Love it! Thank you for sharing! ^_^


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