5 december 2012


 Hello WOYWW-friends!!
This week on my desk, work in progress! I don't know yet how, but these are going to be details on a canvas.
Last weekend I cleaned my mess, can you see it??? Well I don't!! :p
If you want to see more awesome creative desks, go to Julia's blog!
Have a great Wednesday!!

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22 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning! Yoiur canvas look gorgeous already - looking forward to seeing how it finishes. Isn't it a pain when your tidying efforts don't seem to last long? Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@1)

  2. Hi love the colours on your canvas ! Great to see a desk even more cluttered than mine !! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #9

  3. Great work in progress, love it! happy WOYWW!

    #11 Apryl

  4. Will be interesting to see the finished canvas.. Great job so far.. Merry Christmas.. Sandy :) #12

  5. loving what you've done so far! yes, desks do get rather messy if they're being used :)
    have a happy WOYWW :)
    no. 8

  6. Looking forward to seeing how you use your creations on the canvas.
    Sandra @27

  7. some great colours on your canvas already!
    thanks for sharing.
    happy woyww trace x #33
    p.s. I have festive candy

  8. Liking your work, it will be fabulous. Your desk is very creative.. Helen 5

  9. Wow your canvas looks so pretty hope you are able to show and tell the finished piece when it's done....
    As for messy desks I wouldn't worry mine is always messy it just means I create more lol...
    Happy WOYWW

    Maria in Oz #4

  10. Ben benieuwd waar je canvas naar toe gaat, hoe het er uit komt te zien. Wordt dus vast wel een keer vervolgd.
    Ik zie wel dat je hebt opgeruimd hoor ..... je hebt precies plek voor je werk neer te leggen, dat is toch eigenlijk ook voldoende? Verder heb je echt álles bij de hand, heel handig!
    Even plagen Marleen!
    Ik miste je afgelopen zaterdag ..... lekker gewinkeld?
    Groetjes van Yvon

    1. Hahhaha Yvon , heb nog schaamrood op de kaken....

  11. Looking really good, I am going to bookmark your blog to revisit, as I can see so many interesting looking things here.Have a great week, Shaz #48

  12. Hi Marleen,
    Oh no, not messy. Just everything the artist needs within reach, and how important is that!! And I really like your canvas. Looking forward to seeing what develops.
    Ros. #74

  13. Lovely mess though, very artistic. That's going to make a great canvas too, very pretty.

    Brenda 79

  14. Looks lovely and creative to me! Love your journal page too. Sunshine Girl - no 21.

  15. Love the canvas beginnings. It looks lovely so far. My problem is I never seem to carry on with the layers. I don one or two, like it well enough, and stop. I really l love the depth of multiple layers but I am always afraid I'll like the next layer less! Happy WOYWW

    MA (23)

  16. I am very interested in seeing what you create with your page of details.
    Krisha #94

  17. Cleaning is good Marleen - gives you room to make abit more art! Love the flowers and leaves - and hey..no sign of Christmas on your desk..is this a WOYWW first?!!

  18. Hahaha jij opgeruimd??? Gewoon verplaatst, heerlijk die creatieve 'bende' bij jou :-)

  19. Can't wait to see what your canvas looks like! Be sure to share it here!! As for the messy desk...it's just a sign that you are being very creative & don't have time for silly cleaning!
    Hugs, Renee (#103)

  20. Messy is good....great looking embellies. Can't wait to see what they become. Love the ink storage! Nan 85

  21. So pretty! I looked at your other blogs and all your work is beautiful!


    Robin #123


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