18 april 2012

WOYWW 150 !!!!

Last weekend I was working at the Art Specially stamp event... the mess is still on my desk. I've always trouble to make a choice what to do... play with metal or play with my AJ. My AJ goodies are in advantage but I think metal wins *lol* At the event I've met Franka and Sarah!!! That was fun!! Thanks for the button Julia!!!

And than the picture...OMG can we look normal at the same time????.... Yes we can!!! *LOL* It was so fun meeting you both!!! Hope we meet again ;-)

If you want to see more creative inspiring desks, pop over to Julia!!

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  1. Hoi Marleen,
    Leuk al die foto's.... vooral wanneer je er op z'n voordeligst op staat (LOL). Ook ik vond het enorm leuk om eens een andere WOYWW-ster te ontmoeten. Zo te zien heb je genoeg nieuwe spulletjes om mee te gaan craften. Happy WOYWW en maybe we meet each other again. Bye, Franka #46

  2. Hi Marleen,

    It was great to meet up and be silly for 10 minutes....your photos have really made me laugh...thank goodness we chose crafting and not photography! Hope you are enjoying your goodies, the new camera and yes - metal gets my vote too. I have just had some Faber Castell products in a DT pack so I might be looking to see what you do with them... Hopefully next time I will make it to De Craftorij too! (Eerst even bevallen!) Have a great inspired week. Sarah.

  3. What lovely photographs, you look such a happy trio. One day ... I promise that one day I will get to that show.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx #1

  4. Love the pictures, they are all so cute, and wow, awesome that y'all all had your WOYWW buttons on! Did y'all plan to meet up or was it by accident that you saw the buttons!! very cool either way! waving hi from the chilly, rainy hills of North Carolina #132

  5. Hi Marleen lots of lovely goodies on your desk today! Ive been distracted by your slideshows on your blog - What a great way to show of your fabulous tags. How do you put a slide show on a blog - is it a gadget? How lovely to meet up with fellow WOYWW folk for real you look like you had fun. Happy WOYWW Helen 42

  6. Fab goodies and I love all those pics of you and the girls, looks like you all had fun! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop! Zo xx 17

  7. awwww, you guys look so pretty and all smiley!
    What great stuff on your desk, looks so inetesting!!!

  8. hahaha mijn tafel ziet er ongeveer hetzelfde uit:p vriendlief klaagt ook constant over alle papiertje, lintjes, stofjes ed op de grond:P gelukkig binnenkort verhuizen en dan mijn eigen hobbykamer haha.
    Leuke foto's trouwens ;-)

  9. Ohh mijn bureau zag er ook zo uit....schandalig toch!!!

  10. I have seen all of your pictures now and they are great. Very interesting and creative stuff you have on your desk too. Regards, Anne #30

  11. Great to meet up like that (seen the photo twice before today). Very interesting goodies on your workdesk - enjoy - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  12. What great pictures...all of them. I have been busy with metal this month too. It has been fun! Have a great week. Vickie #32

  13. Thanks for visiting me Marleen. The photos of you three are so funny - jackpot on the final one. Your desk is full of things to get going with... or done. I've been looking at getting the metal tools. Will watch with interest.
    Ros. #124

  14. Oh I so love those photos of you three - and I thought you already knew each other! Bet you were exhausted after the show, looks like it was a great one. Your desk looks very inviting to me..I thin if it were mine, the AJ would be winning over the metal for a while!

  15. Thanks for sharing, great pics taken too

    Lisa #112

  16. ahhahah... yeh....just try to get a decent photo some days hey? you guys were funny though.... and fun....


  17. Oh, I do love the photos! They really made me smile. And how great to actually meet a fellow WOYWWer!!! I feel so alone here in New Mexico!

    Happy WOYWW

  18. Isn't it nice to catch up with cyber friends and actually touch them, after knowing them for so long but not face to face. Good for you, looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Eliza #103

  19. LOL! Looks like you all had fun! Happy belated WOYWW #45

  20. how fab to meet other woywwers
    playing catch up
    happy woyww
    kay #51


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