11 april 2012


Almost 150 "what's on your workdesk wednesdays" wowww and I can show my desk again!!! I've finished my TEN Seconds Studio DT projects !! You see the the mess on my desk. The TSS paints, inks, my new Graphic45 stamps, Viva-decor Ferro etc etc.... Next... I don't know yet??? First the Art Specially stamp event next weekend. I will be at the Craftorij booth. I hope I meet Sarah!!!

Pop over to Julia's blog if you want to see more creative inspiring desks!!

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  1. G45 is making STAMPS? I am in shock. I thought they only made paper. Beautiful paper, I might add (grin). Have a super WOYWW from # 9 this week!

  2. What's in the tin? Couldn't get close enough to see it...but in my usual nosiness, I tried! Your desk is a delight of product! All those paints are so lovely, won't it be nice when you can do a big reveal! Hope you have a fab weekend, give Sarah a super big 'I want to be the aunty' type hug from me!

  3. Ooooooo looks lovely and painty messy. You work with such beautiful colours.

    I'm very jealous of you attending the Art Specially event. My friend Charry is going there again this year too.And of course my old friends from Art Journey. One day I shall make it and say hello to all those I've known online for so long.

  4. I cannot believe I did not think of visiting Art Specially again this year. Drat! Well, you just enjoy it for me. Love the desk by the way.
    Hugs, Neet #10 x

  5. Hmmmm, this almost looks familiar, - your craft sheet looks kinda similar to mine.... How come Tim's always looks so clean??

    Hope you have great fun at the Art Specially event! Believe or not I was actually born in Zeist but have lived in Scotland for the last 38 years, flights are sadly too expensive specially as I know I would spend another fortune at the show....

    Groetjes uit Edinburgh...
    Have a great week #32

  6. Are those hearts hanging down over your desk? Cool! waving hi from the chilly, windy hills of North carolina #50

  7. wat een zooi!!!!! ben heel benieuwd naar je creaties voor ten seconds!!! tot het weekend!! xx Jolande xx

  8. Lots of intriguing things on your desk! Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 75

  9. Looks like you have been busy!!


  10. Ohhhhh ik vind dit heerlijk.....op het moment ziet het er bij mij ook bijna zo uit..
    Er kon nog net een kop koffie bij...
    Trouwens ik heb een vraagje Marleen ik wil graag een turkoois kleurtje heb water colour verf met welke kleuren kan ik het beste mengen???

    groetjes Fia

    groetjes Fia

  11. looks like some very creative pieces were produced at this desk!

  12. Loads of fabulous paints to play with
    Sophie x

  13. What a splendid profusion on your desk! Love it. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Ros #90


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