11 oktober 2011

WOYWW 123 & Fairytale event.

Wowww much to tell!! Was not in the mood for blogging for a few weeks, sorry. WOYWW today, one big workshops mess. I went to The Fairytale event last weekend. On my desk the workshop from Trisha Ladouceur. She's also teacher @ Authentique and we've worked with the newest collection 'Gathering' (you can't buy it yet!!). So I'm going to finish that mini album first. And after that, 8 workshops to finish left *lol*. I've work to do!!! Here a little photo impression from the Fairytale weekend. With my girlfriend Jolande @ the event!! Dirty hands @ the Pink Paisley mistables workshop The Papergirlz and me ;-) Sammy! Monique. Mister Echo Park Madison Parker Trisha Ladouceur Saturday evening ; album track The girls from Graphic45 Tired!! The shop with Sammy. ThanXXX Trui , Girlz and other teachers for this amazing weekend!!

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  1. Leuke foto,s van hardwerkende meisjes......zal zeker heel gezellig geweest zijn maar ook vermoeiend..
    Succes met alles wat je nog wilt doen...

    groetjes Fia

  2. Wow those papers look divine. Look like you had a fabulous time with all your crafting friends, thanks for sharing x

  3. Looks there's a lot going on and.... a lot of fun. Hope you find time to finish all these workshop projects. Have a crafty Wednesday.
    Buy, Franka

  4. Hi there. Just a quick peek around the door this week as time is definitely not on my side! I did want to visit though. You definitely seem to be busy! Have fun too!

  5. het ziet er allemaal zo relaxed uit! lijkt me heerlijk zo'n doe weekend met leuke meiden onder elkaar:)

  6. Ziet er gaaf en super gezellig uit!!!

  7. Oh WOW! Ribbons, MS punches, and lots of cropping with friends. Looks like a very fun weekend. Happy WOYWW from # 11.

  8. Looks like you had loads of fun, thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Hope you are having a great WOYWW.

    xoxo Marjo

  9. Jammer dat het voorbij is hé!!!! wat hebben we een lol gehad samen....aftellen nog 51 weken te gaan en dan!!!! fairytale2012!!

  10. Wow looks like you had a great time - love all those yummy papers.

  11. It all looks marvellous Marleen - I went to something similar in the US and my goodness the pace is fast...I too had unfinished projects coming out of my ears!! I love the new papers you're going to make the album with.

  12. wat een leuke impressie.
    we hebben zeker genoten met zijn allen

    groetjes de twins

  13. Zo te zien heb je het echt hartstikke naar je zin gehad!

  14. Fabulous pictures- it looks like it was so much fun.Running a bit late this week, have a good week, Shaz


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